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Living Aquarius |
by Jonathan Knaul and Chris Hadfield

Aquarius, the worldʼs only sea-floor ocean research habitat for ocean sustainability research, was also a training centre for NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield, who recently commanded the International Space Station. Canadian Forcesʼ Test Pilot Jonathan Knaul also enjoyed an exiting opportunity as a volunteer dive assitant abord Aquarius. These two intrepid adventurers chronicle their separate experiences at the bottom of the sea.

Airports Go Green | by Peter Pigott
Airports are striving to become green through innovation.

Climate Change / Energy Security |
by Dr. Barry Stevens
Are these issues without economic impact, a basis for energy independence, or just the opposite?

Green Construction | by Blair Watson
In North America, 12% of heat-trapping, human-made CO2 emissions come from buildings. Can environmentally friendly construction reduce this footprint?

The Northern Gateway | by Trevor Padbury
The issue of oil pipelines continues to be a hot topic. Will proposed safeguards make a difference?

Plastic Water Bottles | by Chris MacLean
Is commercially available bottled water really the worst environmental demon on the planet?

How to “Green” Your Office |
by Susan Meredith
Attitude is important when making any change. The trick is to start small and make it a habit.

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