• More sunlight could lead to shedding pounds.

    Relaxnews Thursday, April 3, 2014 Being slimmer could be as simple as waking up early for some morning sunshine, U.S. researchers suggested on Wednesday. A small study of 54 volunteers showed that the leanest ones did not necessarily eat better [...]

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  • Headlight Illuminated Bicycles

    Bicycle that lights up in car headlights! Greenline Staff A small San Francisco Cycle manufacturer has thought “outside the box” when trying to come up with a better way to provide rider safety after dark. Rather than coming up with [...]

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standard Sainsbury’s turns its own expired food into electricity

Sainsbury’s has today announced its Cannock, England store effectively will come off the national grid, following the installation of a direct link between the supermarket and a local anaerobic digestion plant. The supermarket giant said that the move meant the [...]

standard Green Your Workspace

In addition to trying to live greener at home, many of us are trying to make our offices more environmentally friendly as well. From recycling to shutting off the lights at the end of the day, there are many ways [...]


standard Greener buildings boost employee engagement

Businesses love to talk about employee engagement. In fact, an increasing number of businesses see employee engagement as an essential strategy for achieving their goals. Current attempts to engage employees take many forms, including volunteer programs, competitions, cash incentives, games [...]

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video Ocean clean-up -Boyan Slat

  What began as a 16 year old’s highschool science project could possibly save millions of creatures including ourselves. Take a look at the video, visit the website and judge for yourself if you can help in any way.


video Earth Appreciated- TED Talks

A variety of interesting environmentally based topics for your education and enjoyment. Most recent is the talk by Louis Schwartzberg on the unseen world. (April 2014, Vancouver BC) Schwartzberg is a cinematographer, director and producer who captures breathtaking images that [...]


video Wooden skyscrapers – Green alternative

From TED Talks- 2013 Architect Michael Green presents an idea that is surprising when you consider his premise that cutting down trees is good for the environment. His logic goes beyond the feel good nature of wood in architecture and [...]

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standard Can waterless dyeing clean up the clothing industry?

This story first appeared at Yale 360.  Each year, one global industry gulps down trillions of liters of fresh water, together with massive amounts of chemicals. The wastewater from that industry is then dumped, often untreated, into rivers that bring its [...]


standard Gucci to Taco Bell, sustainability labels are thriving. So what?

Certified goods and services, produced under rigorous independent standards for environmental and social sustainability, have undergone a prolonged growth spurt, posting double-digit annual gains in key markets for a good decade. But so what? We know that Rainforest Alliance Certified [...]

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standard Municipal waste could provide 12 percent of U.S. power

We’re not crazy about incinerators. But if we sent our waste there instead of to landfills, the U.S. could get 12 percent of its electricity from waste and heat tens of millions of homes and businesses, according to Columbia University’s Earth Engineering Center. In addition, it [...]

Wesley Simon-Parsons

standard US Reduces pollution by exporting coal.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — As the Obama administration weans the U.S. off dirty fuels blamed for global warming, energy companies have been sending more of America’s unwanted energy leftovers to other parts of the world where they could create [...]


standard Big Companies Sign Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles

NEW YORK, New York, July 21, 2014 (ENS) – To increase their access to cost-competitive renewable energy, 12 large corporations have signed the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles to better communicate their purchasing needs and expectations to the marketplace. The initial [...]


standard Here’s why the forecast for microgrids looks this sunny

This article originally appeared at Ensia. Over many decades, the centralized power grid — a one-way flow of electricity, generated by large, remote power plants and distributed over miles of transmission lines to homes and businesses — succeeded in delivering [...]

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Natural Gas Promises

standard Wishful Thinking About Natural Gas

Why Fossil Fuels can’t solve the Problems caused by Fossil Fuels. Albert Einstein is rumored to have said that one cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that led to it. Yet this is precisely what we are now [...]


standard Home Depot, BJ’s take first steps to protect pollinators

Home Depot and BJ’s Wholesale Club are responding to the 500,000-plus people who have signed petitions urging them to stop selling wildflowers pre-treated with neonicotinoid pesticides that are killing bees and other pollinators. Home Depot said all plants treated with [...]


video Ocean clean-up -Boyan Slat

  What began as a 16 year old’s highschool science project could possibly save millions of creatures including ourselves. Take a look at the video, visit the website and judge for yourself if you can help in any way.

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standard China accelerates green vehicle development

More support policies released The State Council, China’s cabinet, announced a set of support guidelines on Monday aimed at augmenting the country’s new-energy vehicle market which has performed far below the government’s expectations. The measures are designed to promote the [...]


standard Ford outpaces Toyota on Global Green Brands ranking

Maybe it’s because they spend more talking up their green credentials than other brands. Or because they invest more money in innovative, and risky product designs. Or because they managed to integrate their supply chains more tightly into collaborative sustainability [...]


standard The 5 Most Eco-Friendly Cars of 2014

BOSTON (TheStreet) — Whether you’re looking to increase the amount of “green” on the planet or just in your wallet by reducing your gasoline consumption, here’s a look at 2014′s most eco-friendly automobiles. “Consumers are becoming more savvy in understanding [...]

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standard Could whale-watching replace whaling in Japan?

The newly created Japan Whale and Dolphin Watching Council will promote marine mammal eco-tourism, offering a lucrative alternative as Japan loses its taste for hunting wild cetaceans. Japan has a bad reputation for killing whales and dolphins en masse, practices [...]


standard Sustainable Fish Farming:

5 Strategies to Get Aquaculture Growth Right The world’s appetite for fish is steadily growing. Finfish and shellfish currently make up one-sixth of the animal protein people consume globally. As the global wild fish catch peaked in the 1990s, aquaculture—or [...]


standard The Best Foods for Your Summer Workout

Are you kick-starting your physical activity this summer? The right nutrition pre and post exercise can make the biggest difference on your performance and how your body feels. Jump start this season on the right foot with the right foods! [...]

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standard 4 ways to take green cities to the next level

The last few years have offered cities a sobering climate change wake-up call. Superstorm Sandy seemed to bring future coastal flood risks into resolution by slamming the nation’s most populated region. Yet data released in March in Nature Climate Change [...]

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.58.01 PM

standard 7 Steps to Becoming a Green Consumer

The depleting greenery and its effect on the environment may seem like a casual and un-important thing to most of us, but several years into the future, we shall start realizing how important was it to conserve the environment and [...]